Drugs and alcohol

Have you heard the saying "crying into your gin"? Funny thing is, it's not the gin, it's the tonic that will make you cry! Tonic contains quinine, which is a well-known depressant!

A friend of mine is one of those yuppie pale ale snobs. He loves it, but the certain brand he loves the most unfortunately doesn't love him in return. He did all sorts of tests on himself, changing his diet, not drinking it at all and then drinking it, but the the pale ale had no ill effects on him for the first day, so he ruled it out as the cause. But after a couple of days of drinking his favourite pale ale, the bacteria balance in his gut changed so much that he spent most of his time sitting on the toilet.

You don't have to give up drinking!

He changed his brand of beer to his second favourite and now he doesn't get the side effects unless he goes on a bender - just like anyone else would if they over-indulge.

So, if simply changing beer brands can stop making your gut bad, and allow you to begin absorbing nutrients from your food instead of passing them, don't you think it's entirely feasible that your gut health has an impact on your overall health and also you mental health?

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU DRINK, AND obviously less is betTer

It’s taken me years and plenty of experimentation to find out what works for me and what doesn’t. It also took many years until I tuned into my body. I've discussed this with others who generally agree on the brands to avoid, but there are always those people that seem to believe the opposite is true. I think they are generally fooling themselves because of brand association or advertising.

I like a drink and I drink daily, which is not what I recommend. I should definitely have a break at least a few days of each week. I don’t but you should! Regardless of that here’s what I have found.

Price is an issue but a very poor predictor. Cheapest is almost never the best option, but most expensive is only occasionally best. Below I will mostly tell you what to avoid based on my own views. The message though is always listen and tune into your gut.

Just a word about research on the internet in relation to the various effects of alcohol. I have not found one reliable source on this issue. Basically, all the research says is that is the quantity and concentration of alcohol and the speed which you consume it that are the determining factors.

In my self-research this is quite misleading. Different types of alcohol have quite different effects on people for no easily apparent reason. There are many sayings about different alcohols like "crying in your gin" or "fighting on rum" or champagne “going to your head”. I will explain some of these factors with science/biology but sometimes there is no apparent answer. When you hear a phrase such as "crying in your gin", it may be wise to believe it. Sayings usually arise for a reason, and often the reason is that they are true.

I also have a theory that different types of alcohol affect your gut bacteria in different ways, and people also have different gut bacteria, so they will also vary in their responses to the same drink.

I have additional credentials in this area because I have worked in the alcohol manufacturing industry for a few years. I worked with my wife who is the real expert trying to change and modify processes to produce “cleaner alcohol”. Mostly for the alcohol fuel industry but we also met many people in the  alcohol drinking industry and learned from them.

Hangovers are a rarity with me since I have worked out what works and what doesn’t for me!

I'm sure most readers have experienced hangovers. Hangovers are a mild form of short term depression. If you choose to subscribe I will give you all my tips on avoiding hangovers and helping your mental health in the longer term.


As far as mental health and depression goes marijuana doesn't have a great reputation.

My tip for depression would be if you must do it, get the good stuff. I don't mean the strongest. I mean the organic stuff we call "bush" in Australia. Don't get that hydroponic stuff, it's grown with all sorts of chemicals that cause havoc with your head. 


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