Food and pseudo food

Before I start this section, please understand I'm NOT asking you stop eating wheat or dairy or meat. We've eaten these products for thousands of years and not eating them may does as much harm as good. However, all products are not made equal ! 

I call it 'Frankenstein Food'

Our modern diet is so full of pseudo food/Frankenstein food, that I don’t know where to begin. Think of anything our forefathers ate, 100 to 200 years ago as real food. Take anything processed and throw that out and that includes about half of what is on the fresh food aisle of the supermarket. Rule of thumb, if its in a packet it's probably poison. If it's not in a packet it's suspicious.

Sorry. I don’t want to paint a bleak picture but you really do have to be careful today.

Cows weren't fed on grain 100 years ago. Milk was straight from the cow. Bread was baked in a process that made it easier to digest.

In the subscriber section I go into why these things matter and what you can do about it.

I also discuss at length the foods packed with natural probiotics (cultured foods, fermented foods). The best thing for your gut is to have actually have some camembert cheese, no need to avoid it!

Is any of this important to my depression problem?

I think it is of vital importance. Just take for example the Omega 3 oils - everyone today is taking Omega 3 or Fish oil capsules.

Why are they taking these expensive supplements? Because it's supposedly good for your brain health, your arteries and is anti-inflammatory. The science is pretty clear on this. Wouldn't you rather get your omega 3s from a piece of steak or fish than a little plastic pill?

In order to rid yourself most effectively from depression, you want your brain health to be as good as it can get. Thats why it's good to know the difference between pseudo food and real food.

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