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The healing process

How long to heal?

In my case I reckon I began healing in about 18 hours! After 2 years of depression I took the probiotics (5 billion CFU) at about 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. I went to a party/BBQ that night had a steak and few beers. It was July, 2013. I woke up at about 7am and declared to my wife that I was cured!

I hoped the cure would last and it did, as long as I took my probiotics which I continued to do for a few months at least. I have given those same probiotics to friends who have had similar reactions but I don’t think their depression was as bad as mine or had lasted for as long.

My naturopath says adults usually take about a month to recover but I have no direct personal experience with that. I must admit though, I am usually a quick responder to most things beneficial. My naturopath also says children sometimes respond within hours. I have seen that myself.

Probiotics are really only part of the sustained solution. But they are a really important part. If there is nothing else you do or get from my website - take probiotics, fix your gut!

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