FMT - the Ultimate Probiotic

Don't poo poo this story until you read it all

Brace yourselves. This is not a pretty story, but it has a good outcome.

Your faeces/your poo is about the most concentrated source of bacteria around. Your poo contains about 100 billion (10^11) bacteria per gram, so that’s about 3000 billion per ounce! If you have a healthy microbiome, that’s an awful lot of probiotics sitting around waiting for a home. It would be awesome if you could bottle the stuff and sell it as a health supplement. Well you can. But before you start counting your profits, hold up for a minute. It is already being done.

The procedure is called a Faecal Microbial Transplant (FMT). In its basic form you get poo from a healthy individual and put it in the colon of an unhealthy individual and boom you have a cure for many health problems.

The procedure is usually done for people with severe bowel infections that are untreatable with antibiotics. Its usually the antibiotics that caused their bowel problems in the first place.

There has been some evidence of the FMT procedure having the added benefit of curing Multiple Sclerosis and depression as well. 

I believe that the CDD in Sydney also has a poo bank, much like a blood bank where they draw their samples from. There's also information available about how to do an FMT in the comfort of your own home, should you choose to do it yourself. 

Strictly speaking, I should not be commenting on this because I have not undergone an FMT myself, but I am fully sold that the procedure works. If depression or anxiety are your only problems you will probably not find an FMT practitioner to take you on as it seems only reserved for the high needs patients, such as those with a bowel infection. That doesn’t stop you from doing it yourself or with help if you are convinced that is the only way. I can certainly see a day where exotic “healthy poo” from say central American untouched tribes becomes worth its weight in gold to solve modern western diseases. In the USA, your poo is classed as a drug and regulated by the FDA! Yep, look it up on the net if you don't beieve me! 

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