Lab testing - is it worth it?


Medical screening of your gut is a pretty expensive process and unless you really want to know and can afford it, I doubt whether it’s really worth it. It may depend on how much your depression and anxiety are affecting you, how well you have responded to the probiotics and how ill you might otherwise be. In some cases you could have a parasite like Giardia or Blastocystis Hominis or Dietameobea fragilis. If you do have these parasites you will probably have lots of other bad bowel problems that should be investigated.

In Australia, I had my gut tested by BIOSCREEN in Melbourne. In USA, you can be tested at Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories. It's also available in the UK and Europe, but I don’t know of a reliable test lab and it looks expensive. There is also the American Gut Project and I believe the British Gut Project.

Recently, I came across a great talk about a new testing company called Viome, available in the USA, Canada and the UK. Their claim is that the testing is very extensive and they also give you specific dietary guidelines which will then change your gut microbiota over time. Then they retest you and provide new dietary guidelines. If I lived in the USA I would definitely have this done. It only costs about $300. 

Testing for Leaky gut

I believe that if your good gut bacteria are low, your bowels are not working as you like and you have depression or anxiety, that you will quite probably have a leaky gut.

It’s quite easy to test for leaky gut, whether it’s necessary is something for you to decide. If you have multiple food sensitivities or allergies then it’s much more likely that you have leaky gut.

The test is quite simple by your doctor or naturopath and costs about $150 here in Australia.

If you have had multiple antibiotics, no probiotics, a standard modern diet, plenty of sugar, the occasional aspirin or other NSAID, and lots of wheat then you are likely to be suffering a leaky gut. 

The important thing for my readers is that it is not terminal and fixing a leaky gut can contribute greatly to healing yourself permanently from anxiety and depression.


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