Many people take a daily multivitamin tablet. Unless you are buying a really top shelf product that is costing you a fortune you are unlikely to be getting any result. It's more likely that by taking a pretend supplement you may be doing more harm than good.

They aren't even close to being created equal

Supplements are a tricky subject because they are so variable and it would seem that if you push the body too hard in one direction it may push back in another. I’m sure most of us have a favourite supplement for everyday, or for when we are ill, or for when we are hungover etc. If you have something that works for you then by all means keep using it. I just want you to understand that there is a huge variability in supplement quality (not just based on price) and how choosing the wrong supplement may affect your mental health.

Get your vitamins and supplements from real food

I mean I almost hate saying it. I sound like some hippie newager. I'm not and I hope I can explain myself clearly here.

It's almost impossible to get perfect nutrition today from modern foods so people look at supplements.

Humans are designed to run on foods, real foods, not pizza and not burgers. If you do enjoy pizza and burgers you don't have to give them up to get rid of your depression.

If you lived on an organic farm or in the wild forest you would probably hopefully get everything you need. But this is not possible for everyone so just be aware that if you are looking for a supplement in the form of a pill, it's probably not going to be the same as getting it from real food.

And then?

In the subscriber section I outline all the different vitamins (some of which you may never even know existed), and explain how these vitamins affect people, how they may affect you differently to other people, and how people with depression (caused by gut issues) are more suscpetible to reactions. This isn't a "bad" thing, as it means you can listen to your body and what it tells you and work on getting the right vitamins, in the right balance, for you.

Vitamin D

Against the wishes of my website designer, I want to give you some useful information on Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is so vitally important to everyone but especially those of us who are depressed.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin D was 400IU (international Units) until say 1990. Now that has been revised to 800 IU. So the “experts" were wrong by 100% for 50 years. I can tell you that 800 IU is just enough to stop awful diseases like rickets (bone softening, osteoporosis). 800IU is not nearly enough for optimal health.

If you get 30 minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen) your body will naturally make 10,000 IU of vitamin D. You have to have your legs and arms exposed.

The only way to get Vitamin D from your diet is to consume cod liver oil or unheated butter or eat lots of fish. Margarine does not contain Vitamin D.

I personally take 10,000 IU of vitamin D on every day that I don’t get out in the SUN with no noticeable negative effects.

Vitamin D2, such as that found in milk that has added vitamin D, has no appreciable activity. Only Vitamin D3 is of any use to you.

There is a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and depression.

The non-profit organisation of The Vitamin D Council USA believes that 95% of the population is deficient in vitamin D.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that vitamin D significantly reduces, type I and type II diabetes, multiple-sclerosis, depression and schizophrenia (Holick, 2007;

Theres plenty more information on vitamins in the subscriber section.

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