Treating the symptom, not the cause

How Come Doctors Don’t Know About This?

Well I suspect some of them abtually do know, but it wouldn't be an endorsed treatment by the AMA or any doctors association. I have certainly had conversations with Doctors about treatment with probiotics, not for depression, just general immunity and treatment after a round of antibiotics.

Anyway, when it comes to depression I propose a scenario here which is applicable to Australia or any country with a social health system. The US may be different but not greatly.

A friend of mine had a teenage daughter who was suffering mild symptoms of depression/anxiety. There is quite likely a natural remedy for this, but the first stop of any parent would be the doctor/GP. The doctor took some routine blood tests to look for vitamin/mineral deficiencies. After correcting anything unusual by supplementation, the depression remained. The child was placed on anti-depressants, and they seemed to work. Total cost to the parents was two doctors visits (free in Australia), blood tests (free in Australia) vitamins $30, antidepressants $20 per month. Total cost $50. Cost to the system is two doctors visits at $80 each, blood test $100, vitamins and drugs $50.Total $310. The medicine of course does not cure the problem but it does treat the symptoms. A cure is the aim but treating the symptoms is often good enough for many people, it certainly is good enough if you are suffering depression.

So, the doctor/GP has solved the problem with minimal cost to the system and the patient and in a short time, thus the doctor has fulfilled their obligations to everyone and made a profit for the pharmaceutical company for months or years. The only thing they haven’t done is “cure” the patient.

If you decide instead to go to a naturopath after seeing the doctor, you will probably be up for a $100 visit and you will need to go at least 3 times (usually more) you will likely be sold $200 worth of supplements, and possibly more money for additional testing. People tell me they spend more than $1000 and months of natural treatment before they find a solution, if indeed they find one. The naturopath is of course looking for a “cure” not just symptom removal. This is not a criticism of naturopathy, it is just how the system works.

My “cure” was found by my naturopath much more quickly and cheaply. Total cost $200. But I was one of the lucky ones and I am a quick responder. It should be noted though, that I spent probably $5,000 on treatments that didn’t work, and endured two years of pain. That’s what I am trying to save you, the reader, with this blog.

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