Why isn't anyone talking about this?

If "my way" works then why isn’t anyone talking about it? Well, you see it's not MY way, it's increasingly becoming THE way to treat the cause of mental illness.

It's just hard to put all the information together in one place, to find it in the first place and to apply it to your own situation.

Have a look at Kelly Brogan MD in the USA. Have a look at Dr Axe, have a look at Bulletproof Coffee, have a look at Dr. J.F.Cryan. Have a look at Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride (GAPS). David Perlmutter MD (Grain Brain and Brain Maker), Dr Thomas Borody (Sydney, Centre for Digestive Diseases). These people are talking about this but many of them are doing it in the theme of overall health not just mental health.

Have a look at this article. (S. Reardon, “Gut-Brain Link Grabs Neuroscientists,” Nature 515 (November 13,2014)

The knowledge that depression begins and ends in the gut is all around us. 


  1. Fix your gut (hmmmm that's a pretty long subject though, which is why I built this site)
  2. Taking probiotics is the first step in fixing your gut.

That’s it, if you do nothing else, do that.

Because I’m a technical kind of guy, and my recovery was so dramatic, I didn’t just stop at the remedy, I wanted to know why.

And now, I'm sharing that with you, so you can understand the relationship between your gut and how you feel.

Hibernation theory


When you have depression, it is like your body is shutting down some “non-essential services” because it only has enough energy for the essential stuff. Its like your body is saying, “slow down take a break, regenerate, I am not getting what I need so I have to shut some stuff down. This is the best energy-saving technique that I know of."

Your body is trying to tell you something, to send you a message, not in a spooky way, its all just basic biology and nutrition.

A good analogy is to think of a bear hibernating. The bear has to shut down a lot of metabolic processes to make it through the winter and conserve energy. Just try waking a bear up from its hibernation and you will see how grumpy he is. This is like a bear's version of depression because he will also shut down his serotonin production. With depression, your body is basically wanting to hibernate like the bear. Your body is not getting the nutrition that it needs. Your body thinks its already winter and you should be resting or sleeping. This why most people with depression want to stay in their room, they don't want to see others, they just want to hide away, and for it to go away.

Now, if that was all we had to do we would all just take a holiday, chill out and in a month, we would be right. That may work for you, give it a go if you like. There is nothing more important than your mental health. I would rather you blew all your money on a restful holiday than be rich and miserable.

But sorry, there’s more to it. If you keep eating the same, drinking the same and don’t heal your gut there will be no fix. It's not you that needs the holiday and relaxation, it's your gut. Your gut needs to calm down, relax and rejuvenate.

Just in case you doubt me about your gut and the importance of probiotics, have a look at your local Chemist/drugstore/health food store. Ten years ago, there was one or two products in the store that contained probiotics or even mentioned the word.

Five years ago, there were 10 products that mentioned or involved probiotics.

Today it's 100 to 200 products. This is the new jogging, the new aerobics, the new vegetarian, the new gluten-free. The difference is this has science behind it, and an awful lot of support from Naturopaths to Nutritionists. Even doctors are recommending probiotics now. (Not for depression but for gut health).

Just for your information, the hibernation theory is very well expressed in a paper by John A Tsiouris and Published in Medical Hypotheses.

The longer list

There are a huge number of things that you can do to improve your mental health. They are just little things but they all matter. Most of these are mentioned in the public pages here. I will give you an example:

A mate of mine had/has depression. He likes to drink Pale Ale (It’s a kind of beer). I told him to get off it and switch to another kind of beer, like lager or pilsner. Within a week he said his gut was much better, he didn’t have an explosive bowel movement each morning, and he felt he was making progress with his depression.

This was not a guess. Not only do I know it through bitter experience, there is a "chemical"/biological reason behind it. The hops have a high estrogen content. You know how your wife gets weepy and irrational when she is pregnant. Thats estrogen. I have done my research.

Would you be prepared to change from IPA to Fourex gold if it fixed your depression? I bet you would!

I am not saying this will work for you. We are all different but I will give you suggestions that have worked for me and others.

If I had been presented with a huge list of things to change to fix my depression, I probably would have walked away and just lived with it. You don’t have to do them all but once you see the benefits you will want to try some of them. I guarantee it.

Some further examples

Filter your water (you must reduce chlorine exposure)

Stop drinking Gin and Tonic (it’s the tonic not the Gin)

Get plenty of sunshine (Free vitamin D)

Eat grass fed meat not grain fed (it’s the omega 3 oils)

Eat your vegetables (it’s the folate)

Be careful with vitamins (and I will tell you which ones don’t work eg. Folic acid is not for everyone)


You might say I do all of this and I still have depression. Don’t worry there are plenty more and they are all do able.

I am not a monk

Look I am not a conspiracy theorist. I am not a monk. I am a regular modern guy like you. I eat meat, I eat bread, I drink beer, I drive a car, I go to work, I try to avoid poison, I fixed my gut health. I had depression, I solved it and you can too. I’m going to show you how.

Gut health is the key

Hippocrates (from ancient Greece) is recognised as the father of modern medicine and said “all disease begins in the gut”.

The main thrust of my “cure” for Depression is probiotics (and gut health), but there is more to the story. If you want to rush out to the store and give this a go before subscribing then I do not discourage that. You may well find the right probiotics for you straight away and they don’t cost much in the scheme of things.

You can buy probiotics at the chemist, or drugstore or health food store. Buy the best ones you can afford, not the cheapest ones. Ideally, they will be refrigerated, more than one type of culture, be 5 to 100 billion CFU per dose. I suggest starting at 5 billion CFU per day and work your way up to 50 billion if you are going well. Look for Lactobacillus acidophilus which is like the garden variety bacteria but important. Look also for Bifidobacterium.

You could also buy Kombucha Tea, or kefir ($5) from you refrigerated section of the market or health foods store, or naturally fermented sauerkraut (must be bought in refrigerated section) or Kimchi or even better sauerkraut juice (e.g. Gut Shots). Probiotic yoghurts can be quite pleasant but the dose of bacteria is too low and the sugar is too high.

If you wish to subscribe before or after trying probiotics I would encourage that because there is a lot more to the story. In my case the right probiotics gave me almost immediate relief from depression.

Your gut and its 'soldiers'

Your gut, being the large intestine or colon, is loaded with trillions of bacteria. These are mostly good, helpful, beneficial bacteria. The accepted ratio of “good” to “bad” bacteria is 85% to 15% in a healthy gut. The 15% “bad” bacteria may just be there to keep the “good” bacteria in check. The good bacteria digest food, manufacture vitamins, process minerals into useable forms and also make the neurotransmitters like serotonin and GABA and noradrenaline.

When you get a bacterial infection, it is because you have been invaded by a bad bug by ingesting it or inhaling it or even touching it or possibly your good bacteria are lowered in numbers and the bad bacteria numbers increase. Often when you have an infection you also have a low mood. That is the invading bacteria (enemy soldiers) killing off or competing with your good bacteria (your good soldiers). Also, your body needs to harness all the energy it can find to beat off the invaders.

One of the things your body does is shut down serotonin production because it is a non-essential process. Think of it like this: digestion and making you feel good is non-essential to your body (your army can eat drink and be merry later), defeating the invader is paramount in your body’s fight. That’s where it wants to spend its energy- keeping you alive! 

When you came out of the cave and got chased by the saber tooth tiger, the last thing your body cared about was making serotonin and making you happy. It was just trying to help you survive. You body is still doing that trying to help you survive. When you get depression, you body is asking you to take a break and help it survive.

I’m sure you are familiar with getting a high temperature when you get an infection. This is your body responding to the infection. Your body naturally raises its own temperature in the hope that the higher temperature will kill off the invading bacteria. Your Generals say, "hey our blokes can stand a bit of heat but the enemy soldiers are soft, we will turn up the heat and that will weaken them". OK so we lose a few blokes but there’s a lot more of us than them.

When you have a bacterial infection, you are prescribed antibiotics, which can be lifesaving. I am not against antibiotics, they just need to be used sparingly and wisely. Antibiotics are like an Atomic Bomb in your gut. They destroy the enemy, but there is a lot of friendly fire too. A lot of innocent soldiers go down. That doesnt mean everyone that takes an antibiotic will get depression. It depends on how many you take, how young you are, and whether you replenish the good bacteria.


Making better choices

Here’s a list of my top things to avoid to help your depression.

This might sound like just a regular laundry list of health recommendations but I can assure you it is not. This is all about recovering your mental health quickly without major upsets to your lifestyle.

Keep in mind, I’m saying avoid, not delete

Avoid                                         Better Choices

White Rice                                 Brown Rice

Antibiotics                                  Probiotics

Simple Starches                        Prebiotic fibre (Learn more about this later)

Canola Oil/ cheap oil                 Olive Oil, animal fats

Margarine                                  Butter

Paracetamol                              Aspirin ibuprofen.

Cheap or Cask Wine                 Bottled Wine decent quality.

Grain Fed Meat                         Grass Fed Meat

Diet Drinks                                 Sugary Drinks

Sugary Drinks                            Water

Tap Water                                  Filtered Water, or rainwater

Sugar Substitutes                      Sugar/raw honey

Fruit Juice                                  Fruit                            

Low Fat Milk                              High Fat quality milk

Sunscreen                                 Short exposures to UV light

Cheap Beer                               German Beer or quality beer

Antibacterial Soap and Toothpaste        Un-medicated cosmetics

Food with no value                    Live foods/Probiotics

Social Media                              Reading Books

Take control of your mental health for the cost of a case of beer 

Serotonin is what makes your brain “happy”. 80% to 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Depression is your body shutting down non-essential services to survive, like being happy.

I don’t pull any punches. I’m going to tell you my theories on causes of depression and anxiety - and I have first-hand experience. I will give you my solutions and lead you step by step to your solutions.

I am not going to tell you to stop drinking, or preach about a vegan diet (but you can do both if you wish).

All for the cost of a case of beer.

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