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'I owe him another carton of beer'

Glenn, 45.

I'm a complete cynic when it comes to stuff like this, so I read this and said "bullshit, I've tried probiotics before and they did nothing". But I've never been back to full health since a complete mental breakdown in 2013 and had a lot of gut issues for about 15 years before that and ever since, so I started to think about it. I noticed my moods were heaps worse whenever I had a crook guts. Sometimes immediately, sometimes a day or two later. Like a hangover on my mood.

I still struggle to drag myself out of bed some days but I've learnt that once I get moving the Black Dog finds something else to do for the day. I have the MTHFR gene mutation Ross alludes to and a lazy pancreas (just one of those things) so I've always put it down to that.

After the road I've been on looking for answers, I honestly know more than most of the GPs and naturopaths I've been to. They just don't have the time to sit down and review every single aspect of your condition, and what trying new things has achieved on a regular basis, so there's really only one person who can continually work on it, and that's me.

So paid my $50 - price of a carton of beer as Ross puts it - and opened my mind to his ideas. Turns out the big thing is which probiotics work for you and why, and HOW you implement the probiotics based upon your current state of health.

And no bullshit, I've noticed a difference even after a couple of weeks. It's hard to explain, but I'm picking up clothes off the floor when I used to leave them there for days, when an odd job needs doing I get stuck into it and actually enjoy it, rather than putting it off. I've caught myself doing things on the spur of the moment rather than having to push myself to do them.

I've changed from a generic brand anti-depressant to the real one which has helped a bit. The probiotics have helped a bit. I actually felt kinda happy 90 minutes after taking them the first time, but that disappeared after a day or two, as my body couldn't cope with them, so I've had to stop, reduce the dose and start again.

I know how that sounds. It sounds like rubbish. I'm a cynic, but I noticed definite improvements and I've had some fleeting "holy shit, I feel great" moments too. 

Knowing more of the science behind my combination of factors means I've been given all the pieces of the puzzle and now I'm putting the jigsaw together. 

When you've struggled with depression you'd do anything to get away from it. Not only was this money very well spent, I reckon I owe Ross at least another carton of beer.

Chris Turner here.

I first met Ross 12 years ago and I have been his personal Trainer since. I have seen Ross weekly for a workout including when he had depression. Ross is a man of research and discovery so every week Ross would come in with some new method of curing his depression. Some of them worked a bit but not for long, until he found probiotics.

Quite a while after he found probiotics I started trying them. Now I’m not saying I had depression, but I certainly had low moods from time to time. I had a moment in time that tested my depth of character and mental fortitude which is why I primarily started with probiotics under Ross’s guidance.  Unlike Ross I don’t drink or smoke. I have a good diet and I work in the field of strength and conditioning athletes so I make sure I practice what I preach. After a few weeks I put my daily dossage up a notch or two as I added prebiotics. I have never looked back. Ross is onto something here. When I tried homemade sauerkraut I declared that I was going to eat it for breakfast for the rest of my life. We all say shit like that. I don’t, but I do take my probiotics every day without failure.

Oh and another thing, my wife worked for a big supplement company so I got plenty of free stuff to try, but nothing worked like pro and prebiotics!


Chris Turner owner Zone 123 fitness studios

Andrew McE.

I first met Ross 20 years ago and we play Tennis as often as we can. It’s my daughter Nikki that Ross mentions in his story. Nikki was so shy she just wouldn’t talk to anyone (except me, my wife and my son). Now she has been on regular Probiotics for the last few months. She’s a different kid! She is now a real chatterbox. Last week she asked me to start playing tennis and she’s only five. I really have to get on this stuff regularly myself and sort out my Gout. I mean its not like we have a bad diet. We eat great and my wife is a great cook.

Ross has been telling me to get off the cheap wine for a while. He’s right and whenever I go back on it I seem to go backwards.

I don’t have depression, I eat well, and I’m pretty strong and fit, but I do have a bit of stress in my life. Half the stress is not being able to beat him at tennis on a regular basis. Soon as I get up for a week or two he comes back and does me. Ross reckons in tennis its not ability, its attitude. Ross reckons I have anxiety from time to time. Don’t know if he’s right but the probiotics do seem to help that situation. I just don’t stick with it, probably due to monetary issues or whenever I get good then I forget about it. All I’m saying is listen to what he says and see how you can apply it to your own situation.


A Macca.

Take control of your mental health for the cost of a case of beer 

Serotonin is what makes your brain “happy”. 80% to 90% of serotonin is produced in the gut. Depression is your body shutting down non-essential services to survive, like being happy.

I don’t pull any punches. I’m going to tell you my theories on causes of depression and anxiety - and I have first-hand experience. I will give you my solutions and lead you step by step to your solutions.

I am not going to tell you to stop drinking, or preach about a vegan diet (but you can do both if you wish).

All for the cost of a case of beer.

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